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Psst… Pass it on mate!

Those little classroom notes from years ago bear some similarity to our social wrath of today. A little word, for your eyes only, hidden from authority, but shared with the class in revolt against the system. You gotta love our sheepish mentality. I am not saying that because I am Australian either, but our social adoption is only popular because everyone else does it – lets face it.

Marketers & advertisers have been busy trying to board the proverbial school bus too. But if those little notes are linked to a brand, it’s kinda like being chained to the teacher. You gotta play smart, be cool (but not too cool), be real, be clever & be one of them. The rules are the same, but different if your Thai. No, if you are anyone actually!

Young Egyptian revolutionists will be celebrating the effects of community, social influence and the impact of mass attention.  They will be celebrating mass change & peaceful revolution long overdue.  They know the reality of social impressions and notes of acceptance

Brands can adopt a similar success by celebrating real moments with their consumers, connecting others via influence, involvement and revolutionary difference.  But even  the most simple notes can make a splash.  They just need to be impactful enough to be shared, personal enough to be remembered and honest enough to be spoken about.

As JFK says, Those who make peaceful revolution possible, make violent revolution inevitable.  Psst. Pass it on!


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