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Thanks for taking time to visit our site when we are just a drop in the ocean! 

We are pretty down to earth people who want to brand the world happy with others who feel the same. It's that simple.

About us

In pursuit of a happy planet

We are nature-born storytellers, a voice for nature!  We specialise in content marketing that tells compelling stories and promotes them. We believe that companies that do good, have great stories. We are passionate about the environment and super-focussed on sustainable ways to improve our world.

Yellow Bunny is a full-service marketing & communications agency that cares for people and the planet. Our mission is to communicate purpose to the world, together with our clients. We help sustainable businesses and those on a path to a sustainable future stand-out, with unique content, sound strategies and a solid communication journey.

We are a small experienced team of specialists who come together when a project is born. We are a small group of experts who come together for a greater cause. We consist of highly creative videographers, writers, designers, content creators, journalists, illustrators and marketers that dig deeper to uncover the sustainable stories you haven't considered for your brand yet!

We take pride in working with suppliers and clients who share our values and beliefs.  We promote positive results and focus on doing good in the world as we go.

If you want to travel lighter with your communications, brand stories and content, travel with us.

"People are pressured in our world.  They seek happiness and authenticity to feel more connected. They seek change and aspire more and more, to seek that which matters. They seek products and brands that reflect their own values and beliefs more than ever, understanding that the world is changing and deserves better.  We want to make a difference and help them to make one too."  Owner - Rachelle Momberg

Rachelle Momberg

20 years advertising / Integrated and content marketing, entrepreneur, events, activations, social media, campaign management, writer, production and lover of nature.

Past brand experience includes Coronation Riscura, Sanlam, J&B, Smirnoff, Strongbow, Captain Morgans, Rhumaa, We Are Egg Retail + more

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Jannie Momberg

20 years business, editorial, digital media, journalism, writing, Harvard Business School., BA in Politics and Sociology.


Ex Editor in Chief, journalist, publicity, communications

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