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The World Fight Club

What a messed up year for us all! Lockdown, world-wide, has meant no travel, no work for some, and less freedom. Friends, family, business everywhere continue to feel the pangs of the pandemic, months after it broke. The aftermath is both a trail of mess and a glimmer of hope.

As we scramble to find our way through the devastation, the human spirit rises and we look to find the opportunity and fight that allow us to surge ahead.

Just like a tsunami, a small wave gives rise to a monster and sweeps over us. The short and long term effects are broad. Economic destruction, death, cost and psychological effects are all but a few but like every crisis we have ever faced, we rebuild and regain momentum and find new ways to protect ourselves from the potential of ‘next time’.

Brands are doing this too; with a sense of resilience and determination to fight for the next chapter. People, business, brands are adapting and improvising and just like that, the world has been given a chance to feel knocked down and take note of what good they have to steer them forward.

Brand’s have been breathing life into appreciation and humanity. Engagement takes on a whole new meaning. Connection feels more authentic and brands are taking on more of their life-like characteristics. In a time where people are struggling to survive and pay their bills, even floundering businesses are finding the courage to give in times of need. This true test of humanity creeps into our hearts and is hopefully preparing us for innovation and change to positively impact us all, our economies and our journey as a human race into the near future. Here’s to being locked up to look up. What an unsettling, yet awesome time to be alive. I particularly love the sentiment of the Thai resilience, seen in this ad and hope lives have not been lost without reason. May we learn and grow from this time with a greater sense of will and might. Fight for what you believe! Find your gap. Boxers need to be athletic, agile, purpose-led and have the ability to turn that into fighting skills. It’s what we were all born to do as good sporting antagonists and it’s this range that brands and businesses need to embrace to win the fight moving forward. Dear Crisis participants, Join the fight club. The next battle is ours for the win.

The World Fight Club
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