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Truth Trip

It's said that living with genuine purpose points to your centre and truth.

In discovering your true north, you focus on what really matters, so you can start to live more authentically.

Some people never stop to even think about this. Most of us are busy trudging through life wondering where the next pay check will come from, never mind looking for truth!

So here's a few ways you can find yours:


When you’re living your truth, you get to celebrate the qualities, beliefs, and standards for living that are really, truly important to you. In other words, your personal values.

If you are unsure about what these are, write down a few things you like about yourself and a few important things that matter most to you. What do you value the most? Think people and activities. Awareness is the key to self connection and realisation. Stop. Think. Write.

Once you have established a few of ideas, clear a path and mapping a plan to ensure you get some of this into your every day. This should be seen as a priority to get you motivated. Be unafraid to be the person you were intended to be. Just set clear intentions to attain and build constantly to start living your truth!


Passionate people are driven people! They live on pure energy and purpose. You can always tell you're doing what life intended when it lands with a smile. If it feels right on, then it's probably the right fit!

Lean into your passions and that feeling you get from it. It's your truth. Get friendly with these feelings. Learn to recognise and celebrate them, then figure out how to use them as a tool to map your truth trip.

These are the things that make you feel alive and need to be embraced fully!


All great journey require a great plan! Creating a truth map is a fun strategy. It's a plan of self actualisation to help you realise your project. You are the project in this instance! What's your goal? Why is it important? When do you want to get there and how will you get there?

Your map is a vital tool to your success in flying your truth flag and acts as a visual reminder of all the reasons you get up each day. This can act as a bucket list or a checklist of MUST do's and MUST see's and it can be your reminder to never let go of good intentions set.


Of course, a map is a nice tool to have and a reminder of your why, but don't forget to live in your moments and breath. Living your truth is an every day occurrence and while consistency is the key to it's endless delivery, you will only live your truth when you are able to celebrate your values in the little things you do each day, like sharing time with someone you love or doing something for someone else or perhaps sitting in the sun for 10 minutes to recharge. Find space to celebrate this and bring a sense of meaning into what you do.


When awareness becomes central to your daily routines and way of living, meaning is easier to spot. When you live a life of purpose, you live a life of intention. In other words, your actions become deliberate. Not everything in life is this planned and in fact some of the best things in life are not but if we set small intentions for ourselves each day, it's a way of keeping us on track and ensuring we are engaged on our journey in the best of ways.

Your truth is hidden in the subtext of your actions. Always remember to be true to yourself and enjoy the trip!

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