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What is Sustainable Content Marketing Anyway?

The power of positive story telling

- Say no to green-washing and yes to ethical content!

This is for green and conscious companies looking to solve issues that put pressure on social, ethical issues or environmental concerns. Sustainable content marketing is the marketing of ANY content with a powerful voice for nature and making a difference.

The concept of Sustainable marketing is a result of the negative impact on our planet. Businesses are starting to demonstrate how their vision, products and practices are evolving to be more environmentally-aware and with a lesser footprint on the earth. This presents a myriad of opportunity for content creation, story telling and educating people on alternative solutions and ways. After all, we are all in this together!

The difference between 'sustainable' marketing and marketing 'in general' is in the ability to communicate and specialise in planet-friendly material with matching goals in place. Yellow Bunny have been working on sustainable content solutions for years and aim to bring recognition to business goals or developments through emotive storytelling.

‘Sustainable marketing’ refers to the promotion of sustainable work, products or services built on strong environmental or social benefits. Yellow Bunny work on a 3-pronged strategy to their content, that leans into finding SOLUTIONS through STORY TELLING, bridging EDUCATION and building AWARENESS. This strategy aims to debunk sustainable uncertainties, demonstrate cause and effect and deliver impact solutions. We call it SEA! It aims to raise environmental literacy to consumers, business and decision-makers about social and environmental issues through storytelling and engagement.

The importance of telling these stories?

The world is already forever changed! We feel the effects of global warming and see the impact on our shores. The world is heating up. The effects of 'human-caused' global warming is happening right now. This is already irreversible and will worsen in decades to come. Nasa report on the global effects on climate change ongoing and observe a noticeable difference to shrinking glaciers, rivers and lakes, shifting animal ranges and even seasonal shifts with trees and flowers. We are experiencing more droughts, more frequent flooding and more dramatic weather systems everywhere. We need to hear the sustainable contribution companies are involved with and feel engaged. We need to learn more, trust more and be encouraged to get involved more. It's that simple.

Although Africa is one of the smallest contributors to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, key sectors are already experiencing the impact of climate change, including water shortages, lower food production, loss of lives and less economic growth. Limiting global warming is expected to substantially reduce damages to African economies and ecosystems.

What sort of companies use services like this?

Sustainable content marketing is for public and private sectors; and leaders who are genuinely working to solve issues related to the environment, social or future consumption such as climate change, energy, water, waste, pollution, deforestation, food, health and farming. It touches on innovative products and services that help to change how we use these 'less' or with greater consideration. It presents an opportunity to knowledge-share, educate and promote stories of interest and stories of success.

What sort of marketing and content are we talking about?

Opportunities exists for companies who help business professionals and consumers understand the importance of living differently, thinking differently, creating differently and behaving differently. Yellow Bunny Marketing create content and supporting initiatives to suit these needs, such as:

  • Educational content that guides consumers to more sustainable choices.

  • Capturing sustainable, conscious, green, environmental or ethical stories and story journeys.

  • Promotional content that unpacks your solution mindset and sustainable vision / goals

2. Campaigns, promotions and activations to like-minded communities, investors, groups, businesses who share a genuine interest in what you have to say and share.

3. Innovative product development and gifting - in support of sustainable product line extensions and / or green initiatives.

What sustainable stories matter most?

CSR marketing initiatives that educate investors, consumers or staff better are always a great start, but there could also be a product innovation, a project or a need to change that can be encouraged. Perhaps you are about to embark on a sustainable journey and your story needs to be shared internally or with key stakeholders. Building a culture of care both with your customers and your staff helps your business become more sustainable, and your workforce more environmentally responsible. This can set your business apart and build sustainable habits to last a lifetime. Above all, it makes a necessary change for the future and growth of your business.


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