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Brand South Africa


I just have to write a little something about the place I call home!  For my sins, I am actually an Aussie!  Then, for my sins again, I live in South Africa and am married to a South African!  But..  you see it’s the negative press South Africa get from all the bloody ex-pats that is a truly sad South African tale that no one seems to talk about much!

Of course, I get asked a trillion times over how I can live here when I can live in Australia.  The truth is that it’s easy!  It’s beautiful and it’s colourful!  I also have nothing against Australia but there are just so many people in this world in search of greener pastures!  When someone finds it, please let me know!

So, unfortunately, South Africa gets a bad wrap.  It’s full of crime, full of political strife and full of uncertain times.  Like tell me a country that’s easier right now!  It goes without saying that word-of-mouth and unsocial networking is playing a power hand in this poker game.  Isn’t it always the poor sod lending a pitiful ear that takes the sad and often shocking news of a nation to his friends over a beer!

I have to believe though that it’s the rest of the world; the visitors to SA who either visit or stay that can shake the apple tree and the believers of this nation who really do make an effort!

Over the last 10 years, South Africa has leaped talls buildings with a single bound.  The South African brand is loud and proud here mostly.  I hope the colours on the flag don’t fade in time along with the sunken dreams of those who drag it’s name and personality through the mud.  May it touch peoples hearts and minds and draw it’s people closer to it’s truth.  South Africa is a ‘real’ grass roots brand.  One that will live in my heart and soul forever!

PS Pass it on!



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