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Can the sun put a stop to our social life?

It was revealed by Nasa not so long ago, that the sun has some pretty wild winds a-comin’ our way. Hot winds so powerful, they have the potential to wipe out some satellites and put a stop to some of our communication channels.  The warnings are alive & well according to today’s SciTech updates on news24 where solar flare warnings have now been issued over the next few days.  S_L_O_W internet connections are expected!!!!

Winter has most certainly arrived in South Africa and I can’t think the solar flares will be heating us nor our social life in the next few days.  Will be watching closely to see exactly how it effects us all and if the evils of the galaxy can demerit our social sphere.  The Dark Time may have returned to tighten it’s grip around the galaxy… Or perhaps the Empire will strike back.  However viewed, these Star Wars bring us a new sense of ‘small’ & ‘Awe’ in the universe.


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