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Elizabeth Woods ‘Vivacious, Childlike, Wise (in her own way, of course)’

A beautiful life friend has written her first novel. I am overwhelmed with excitement for her and the journey that will unfold before her. I have known Elizabeth for nearly all my life and cherish our beautiful friendship as one of the rarities and specialities of my life. May she enrich others with her book, the way she has always enriched mine and continues to year on year. Love to you my dear friend. xx


Throughout this woman’s entire life, there has always laid a deep yearning to write. But as it is with life and how it unfolds, sometimes the most precious things are that of which we


Elizabeth Woods has lived a beautiful life. Sure, as we each do, she has been dealt with her ups and her downs. But Woods is a big believer in that if we never look back in regret, and instead look back only to learn from the experience. Then we each have the opportunity to not only become stronger, but we may also begin to know ourselves better. In doing so we then realise just how connected to everything else we really are.


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