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Facebook App shut down!

Facebook has woken up to the myriad of small apps irritating users & suddenly shut them down on Friday.

A “new enforcement system” has been introduced in response to spam complaints from users without the developers having been advised.

Some popular apps were also affected, like ‘Photo Effect’ (which apparently has 7.5 million registered users). Developers are obviously upset as they were not given a chance to modify how they messaged users.

Facebook say this is all part of taking ‘user feedback’ much more heavily into account with this and their Project Spartan which has been linked to Facebook’s bigger goals of taking its site more fully on to mobile platforms. This will enable users to engage in all the apps on the site which currently do not appear in Facebook.

Facebook apologise to how sudden their action came into place but they have not been providing enough feedback about negative engagement metrics to developers. This is something they are working hard to fix with the new Application Insights that will be launching over the next few weeks.

This is more control than we have seen from Facebook yet.  It’s likely to all settle down and and move into new and improved arena’s for all concerned, but it has opened everyone’s eye’s to Facebook’s inadequate processes.  This is probably more than meets the eye I would think, but time will tell.


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