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Heart104.9FM – 2 Guys & a reality wedding radio show… 1st ever in South Africa!

I was recently priveleged to project manage the Heart 104.9fm 2 Guys and a wedding reality radio show.  The 1st of it’s kind in South Africa!  It was an exciting, intense few months working towards finding 2 guys to fall deeply madly in love on air – only be be married a few weeks later & only to see each other at first glance at the alter.  Some may say it was a social experiment, but our mission was to find two romantic souls crazy & brave enough to take a raw chance at finding true love – unconventionally.  It works.  After weeks of looking, 2 guys were married and have recently been on honeymoon in Thailand.

The program was broadcast & managed on HeartFM’s talked about weekday morning show – hosted by none other than Phat Joe!  The wedding was a R2million extravaganza held alongside the infamous, magnificent Nautilis yacht at the V&A Waterfront on 26th March 2011.  It’s an experience I will not forget in a hurry & one to be cherished for much time.  Thank you Guys for a wonderful time & great memories.  I wish Lloyd & Shane my love, affection and congratulations.  xxx

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Links to share & read more on this spectacular event – held Jan – March 2011,,,,,,,,,

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