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Let’s fall in love!!!!

The future of service is changing to one of delighting, surprising, and serving. The latest trends tell us to understand relationships better; To be a match maker and help customers to fall in love, feel pampered, feel in control and open to the process. None of these things are really trends.  Let’s face it, we’ve known these things for years.  But how good are we at dating?

This new link from Trendwatchers tell us that great customer service triggers the same cerebral reactions as feeling loved and that deliveries with a little more than a smile will win hearts. Old school or new school?

Globally in 2013, 66% of consumers switched brands or business due to poor customer service, a 4% increase on the previous year. Some 82% of those who switched said the brand could have done something to stop them.  Are customers lazy or just fed up with crap service?  Inventive brands are rekindling customers by fueling NEWISM? In 2015 true customer-centric brands will offer the ‘PLAN B’. Are businesses too cost conscious or lazy to offer a plan B?

Smart brands will present more than one offer and not only with plans but with product options. They will have what it takes to be honest and confront common customer pain points. Customers are smart & have access to everything.  This is more to do with brands not being stupid if you ask me! I just don’t know what takes brands so long to figure this stuff out?

Brands that can’t offer access to more will partner up with another brands to offer alternatives they can’t and in ways that are different.  So I can Skype my elderly grandmother…But the brands I buy from don’t own webcams? Businesses are having face time more & more with customers through technology customers choose.  It’s a no brainer!

And even stupid brands are collecting consumer data but only smart brands have a SIXTH SENSE for it. In 2014, 36% of global consumers were willing to share their current location with retailers via GPS – that’s almost double the number who were in 2013. What does 2015 bring? Brands with a SIXTH SENSE must be cool and not creepy when it comes to seamless data use and collection. Rising numbers of aware consumers will want to know where you’re storing their data, and how you plan to use it. Transparency and common sense are key.

What are you planning for date night?



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