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Tired of the bullshit!!

I’m so over contrived bull in advertising & branding.  It’s nice to see some companies getting real with interesting content creation but I still see so much bull!

When are brands going to start pulling their finger out of their ‘I’m too scared’ butt holes and start communicating with consumers like they care!  Budgets, measures, pressure.. The entire industry is crumbling.

It’s time to take a step back, strip away from the pressure cooker and stop getting fried.  Speaking your mind, getting to the point, making a stand and feeding the conscious mind is all it takes.  It’s freedom of speech, food for the soul and thoughtful, honest hand holding that starts building impact and change with communication again.

Yes, the competition is rife and yes, technology is punching tradition in the balls, but open your eyes & spot the opportunities around you!

Real ads start with real thinking & guilty pleasures, like this awesome ad..



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