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Tweeting Bra .. what next!

Yes.. you hear right.. The Greeks have created a Bra that ‘Tweets”.. better still to remind women about breast cancer check ups every time the bra is unhooked!  Sounds like a good idea to raise awareness around breast cancer and it certainly packs a punch in social spheres and talk-ability.  Would love to know how the sales are doing!    Although, without risk of sounding critical, my immediate thoughts lean towards the radiation a tweet might generate in a bra.  Whilst there is no scientific evidence to suggest cell phone radiation is apparent or contributes towards cancer, with this being such a controversial and some what sensitive subject matter, I have to ask.. what the heck were these Greeks thinking?? Not sure we’re ready for a tweeting bra yet ladies?? Or am I wrong? It’s all a little Greek to me.. Chuck that in a tweet!


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